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Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit, a citrus fruit, contains a lot of soluble fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants which are very useful for humans. The fruit, extracts from the seed and oil from the peel can be used in medicine. Grapefruit seed extract is combined with vegetable glycerin to reduce bitterness and acidity of the final product.
Grapefruit seed extract can be taken by mouth for viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, for instance, yeast infections. On the other hand, it can be also applied to the skin as a remedy for slight skin irritations, first-aid treatment, facial cleanser, and as a vaginal douche by women with vaginal yeast infections (candidiasis). Grapefruit seed extract is an effective nasal and ear rinse. It prevents and treats different sorts of infections. It can be also used as a gargle for sore throats; as a breath freshener and as a dental rinse for healthy gums and preventing gingivitis. Sometimes people inhale grapefruit seed extract vapors for headache, depression, stress, and to retain water.

Grapefruit seed extract is safe when used in the amounts normally found in food. It seems to be safe when correctly used for medicinal purposes. In any case before starting to use this extract consult your healthcare provider. The matter is that grapefruit seed extract can interact with many medications.
Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid using grapefruit seed extract as little is known about its impact in these periods. Women with breast cancer are recommended to minimize usage of this extract and grapefruit juice. It increases to 25%-30% risk of developing breast cancer in women who are prone to this disease.
As grapefruit seed extract influences liver function, there can be risk for interactions with the prescribed drugs for treatment of the liver. As grapefruit seed extract changes statin metabolism, there is a possibility of developing bad health condition. Grapefruit seed extract can also worsen absorption of other medications by the body.