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Juniper Berry & Phallosan Forte

Juniper is similar to cypress due to its detoxifying action on the human body. Ancient people have traditionally used juniper for different ailments. It helps to get rid of excess water and possesses a mild diuretic property to treat urinary problems, better in combination with some other herbs. Juniper dried berry has proved to relieve dyspepsia but did not approve its aquaretic properties (ability to increases urine flow).
Juniper's detoxifying action is used in the treatment of inflamatory diseases and wounds, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory prostaglanins. Juniper berry also assists to clear congestion and improves breathing. There is insufficient evidence for effectiveness of Juniper berry in treatment of heartburn, upset stomach, bloating, urinary tract infections (UTIs), loss of appetite, kidney and bladder stones, wounds, muscle and joint pain, and other conditions. Juniper has traditionally been used for treating gout, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Excessive applications of Juniper berry can be linked with kidney irritation, diarrhea, blood in the urine, purplish urine, kidney pain, elevated blood pressure, intestinal pain, and a quickened heartbeat.
It is prohibited to apply Juniper to open wounds. Pregnant women and those women who want to become pregnant are advised to avoid using juniper as it can lead to uterine spasms and lower fertility. Even though juniper is considered to be safe it is not recommended during pregnancy. It has been historically used for stimulating childbirth and menstruation. It has also proved to lead to miscarriages in rats.
Topical juniper oil may cause swelling and irritation at the place where it is applied. Juniper oil may irritate kidneys, but there is no true evidence of this case. Still, people with kidney disease should not take juniper. People who use lithium should take herbal diuretics including juniper only under the physician's supervision, because being dehydrated can be dangerous.