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Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is a plant whose root is used for making medications. This product can be used for a great number of conditions, but there is lack of scientific evidence which would approve its effectiveness for them.
Rhodiola rosea can enhance stamina, energy, mental capacity and strength. Known as an "adaptogen" it assists the human body to adapt to different physical, environmental, and chemical stress. It shortens recovery time after hard workouts, improves athletic performance, enhances sexual function; relieves depression; and treats heart disorders, for instance, high cholesterol and irregular heartbeat.
Sometimes rhodiola rosea is used for tuberculosis, cancer, and diabetes. It can prevent general colds and flu, postpone aging, and prevent liver damage. Rhodiola rosea strengthens the nervous system; enhances hearing and immunity. It is grown in the arctic regions of Asia, Europe, and Alaska.

Rhodiola rosea is claimed to be safe for most adults when taken by mouth for a short period of time (up to 6-10 weeks). It can be unsafe if used for longer. There is little information about the potential risks of side effects of this medication.
Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid using rhodiola rosea as there isn't enough true information about its safety by this category of patients. It's recommended to stay on the safe side and not to risk for the sake of future mother's health and her baby.
Rhodiola rosea is considered to be non-addictive and safe, however, some side effects may happen including agitation, anxiety, nausea, restlessness, hypersalivation, and insomnia. Rhodiola rosea acts as a mild stimulant, that's why it results in such side effects. The higher the dose the higher the risk of these effects. The same may happen when rhodiola is combined with other stimulants, for instance, caffeinated beverages.
In case of a very high dose or sensitivity to rhodiola rosea a rapid heartbeat may occur, as well as heart palpitations. One might get also a feeling of jitteriness as a result of the rise of one's blood sugar level. It is recommended to take rhodiola on an empty stomach or before a non-sugary meal.