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ThermoFerrin Lactoferrin

ThermoFerrin Lactoferrin is a protein contained in cow and human milk. The first milk that is produced just after a baby is born is called Colostrum. It contains high levels of lactoferrin which can be also found in fluids in the nose, eye, intestine, respiratory tract, and some other body fluids. This is great for anti-aging. ThermoFerrin Lactoferrin is used as medicine.
Lactoferrin is useful for the treatment of intestinal and stomach ulcers, hepatitis C, and diarrhea. It is a perfect antioxidant which can protect human organism from viral and bacterial infections. ThermoFerrin Lactoferrin is also used to prevent tissue damage connected with aging, to stimulate the immune system, to promote healthy intestinal bacteria, to regulate the body processing of iron and even to prevent cancer.
According to some researchers, ThermoFerrin Lactoferrin lactoferrin might solve great health problems such as severe diarrhea and iron deficiency. Lactoferrin works by regulating the absorption of iron in the human intestine and taking iron to the cells.

ThermoFerrin Lactoferrin is a protein which can be in human and animal milk. It is possibly effective for the treatment of Hepatitis C. however, there is insufficient evidence for effectiveness of this product against Helicobacter pylori infection, preventing damage related to aging, for boosting the immune system, promoting healthy intestine bacteria, fighting viruses and bacteria, regulating iron metabolism, and its use as an antioxidant.
ThermoFerrin Lactoferrin is safe in amounts found in foods. Taking higher amounts of this product from cow's milk can be safe if you use it for up a year. Human lactoferrin produced from specially processed rice is safe if used for up to only 14 days. It can lead to diarrhea. In extremely high doses one can suffer from loss of appetite, skin rash, fatigue, constipation, and chills.
Pregnant and breast-feeding women can safely consume ThermoFerrin Lactoferrin in food amounts. It's recommended to avoid taking larger amounts of this product, as little information is known about possible side effects.