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Whey contains a very useful protein known as whey protein. It is used as a food supplement, so nerium eht, for enhancing athletic performance, for replacing or milk-based infant formulas, as an alternative to milk for individuals with lactose intolerance, for increasing glutathione (GSH) in patients with HIV disease; and for brain health. Whey can be also used for the treatment of asthma, protein allergy, high cholesterol, weight loss, obesity, preventing allergies in little children, colon cancer, and late-stage cancer.
Whey works due to the protein it contains which is a wonderful source of protein which can replace protein received from dairy product. It can also significantly add the nutrient content of a person's diet. In addition, whey protein positively influences the immune system of a person.
Whey is possibly effective for enhancing athletic performance. According to one clinical research taking whey protein when performing strength workouts increases strength, lean body mass, and muscle size. Whey can be also helpful in lowering weight loss in patients with HIV disease (AIDS). Whey lacks sufficient evidence for its effectiveness for the treatment of cancer, high cholesterol, obesity, asthma and some other conditions.

Whey seems to be safe for most people when correctly used. High doses of this product can lead to some side effects including nausea, increased bowel movements, thirst, cramps, bloating, reduced appetite, headache, and tiredness (fatigue). Even though whey is considered to be relatively safe for pregnant and breast-feeding women, very little information is known about its use in these periods. So, it's better to stay on the safe side and not use this product.
People who suffer from milk allergy are also recommended to avoid using whey protein. As levodopa interacts with whey protein, it's highly advised not to take this combination at the same time. Whey protein is able to lower levodopa absorption into the body. In this way whey protein decreases its effectiveness. Whey protein also interacts with Alendronate (Fosamax). The product decreases its absorption. These two medicines should not be taken at the same time. Wait for at least two hours before taking alendronate (Fosamax).